Invited speakers

Andrew Plummer "New concepts for parallel kinematic mechanisms using fluid actuation"

Professor Andrew Plummer is Director of the Centre for Power Transmission and Motion Control at the University of Bath, UK.  He has a variety of research interests in the field of motion and force control, including inverse-model based control of electrohydraulic servosystems, design and control of parallel kinematic mechanisms, model-in-the-loop testing, hybrid hydraulic/piezoelectric actuation, wave energy converters power take off optimisation, and active vehicle control.

He received his PhD degree from the University of Bath in 1991, for research in the field of adaptive control of electrohydraulic systems. He worked as a research engineer developing flight simulator motion systems before taking up a lecturing post at the University of Leeds. From 1999 he was global control systems R&D manager for Instron, manufacturers of materials and structural testing systems. Professor Plummer was appointed to his present position in 2006. The Centre for Power Transmission and Motion Control, founded in 1968, has an international reputation as a centre of excellence in hydraulics, mechanical power transmission and motion control systems, with applications in the aerospace, automotive, robotics and renewable energy sectors amongst others.

  Professor Plummer chairs the UK Automatic Control Council, and chaired the IMechE Mechatronics Informatics and Control Group 2009-14.  He was a panel member of the UK government’s Research Excellence Framework (REF2014) assessment exercise. He was an IMechE Proceedings editorial board member 2006-2012, and is now an Associate Editor of the International Journal of Fluid Power.


E Rathakrishnan "Rectangular Tabs for Elliptic Jet Control"

Professor of Aerospace Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, India. He is well-known internationally for his research in the area of high-speed jets. The limit for the passive control of jets, called Rathakrishnan Limit, is his contribution to the field of jet research, and the concept of breathing blunt nose (BBN), which reduces the positive pressure at the nose and increases the low-pressure at the base simultaneously, is his contribution to drag reduction at hypersonic speeds. Positioning twin-vortex at Reynolds number around 5000, by changing the geometry from circular cylinder, for which the maximum limit for the Reynolds number for positioning twin-vortex was found to be around 160, by von Karman, to flat plate, is his addition to vortex flow theory.  He has published a large number of research articles in many reputed international journals. He is Fellow of many professional societies, including the Royal Aeronautical Society. Professor Rathakrishnan serves as the Editor-In-Chief of the International Review of Aerospace Engineering (IREASE) and International Review of Mechanical Engineering (IREME) journals.   
He has authored eleven books: Gas Dynamics, 5th ed. (PHI Learning, New Delhi, 2013); Fundamentals of Engineering Thermodynamics, 2nd ed.  (PHI Learning, New Delhi 2005); Fluid Mechanics: An Introduction, 3rd ed. (PHI Learning, New Delhi 2012); Gas Tables, 3rd ed. (Universities Press, Hyderabad, India, 2012); Instrumentation, Measurements, and Experiments in Fluids (CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, Boca Raton, USA, 2007); Theory of Compressible Flows (Maruzen Co., Ltd. Tokyo, Japan, 2008); Gas Dynamics Work Book, 2nd ed. (Praise Worthy Prize, Napoli, Italy, 2013); Applied Gas Dynamics (John Wiley, 2010); Elements of Heat Transfer, (CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, Boca Raton, USA, 2012); Theoretical Aerodynamics (John Wiley, 2013);  High Enthalpy Gas Dynamics (John Wiley, 2015). 


Guangming Zhou


Zhou Guangming,who was born in 1964,is now the chief expert on transmission system of NORINCO Group.He has devoted himself to the research on off-way vehicles’ transmission and control technologies as a transmission system chief designer,who has won state-level rewards for several times.Also,he took charge and developed the key technologies and manufacturing of hydraulic steering unit for high-power track vehicle,which fulfilled the relating domestic area and has been applied on heavy track vehicles successfully.


Heikki Handroos "Design and Testing of Fluid Power Driven Mechatronic Machines in Immersive Virtual Environments"

 Professor Heikki Handroos, Head of Laboratory of Intelligent Machines in Lappeenranta University of Technology , Finland since 1993. Head of LUT graduate school of Mechanical Engineering since 2012. Member of ASME and IEEE. Co-founder of MeVEA Oy simulator company. Associate Editor of ASME JDSMC, 2014-. Member of Board of Directors of FPNI. Research Award of Foundation of LUT, 2012. His research interests range from modeling, simulation and control of mechatronic systems to robotics, hybrid transmission and mobile machinery.
He has published about 200 scientific journal and conference papers in the field of mechatronics, (around 50 journal papers). He has supervised 15 Doctoral Dissertations and has been responsible leader of academic andindustrial R&D projects (tot. > 15M).


Hong Liu "Research Progress of Chinese Space Robotics"

Received his BS degree from Harbin Institute of Technology, in 1986. Then he studied in German Aerospace Center as a jointed Ph.D candidate with Harbin Institute of Technology, and received his Ph.D degree in 1993.

He is currently a full professor in Harbin Institute of Technology and the president of the State Key Laboratory of Robotics and Systems. He has been elected as one of the first 10 ‘Changjiang’ scholars by China Education Ministry.

He won two National Innovation Awards of China(2nd class) and a EURON Technology Transfer Award(1st class). In addition, 90 Chinese, two German and one American innovation patents have been issued to him.

His research work focuses on the theory and key technology with respect to space robot and autonomous operation.


Huayong Yang "Development of Hydro-viscous Clutch for the Hard Rock Tunnel Boring Machine"

      Professor Huayong Yang is the Cheung Kong Chair Professor of Zhejiang University , the member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (since 2013) and Fellow of the Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society.  He is again the director of the State Key Laboratory of Fluid Power Transmission and Control at Zhejiang University since March 2014, and he was the director of the laboratory previously from 1997 to 2001.  He is also an active expert for fluid power related industries and various government agencies in China.
He received his B.Sc. from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China in 1982 and his Ph.D. degree from University of Bath, United Kingdom in 1988.  He is a prolific researcher with 139 invention patents, (co)authored 3 academic books and over 240 technical papers published in international journals and conferences.  He is active in major international conferences related to both fluid power and Mechatronics.  He has been a member in the Technical/Program Committee of international conferences such as 2011 IEEE/ASME International Conference on Advanced Intelligent Mechatronics and also the IPC co-chair of 2013 IFAC Symposium on Mechatronic Systems.  His research interests are in motion control and energy saving of mechatronic systems, fluid power component and system development.


Junwei Han

Junwei Han,is a professor and director of Institute of Electrohydraulic servo simulation and testing systems,HIT. He was born in November 1964 and got his Bachelor, Master and Doctor degree respectively in 1986, 1989 and 1992 at Harbin Institute of Technology. He was a post-doctoral research fellow at Institute of Engineering Mechanics and Harbin from May 1992 to May 1997. After that, he returned back to HIT to be a professor and was promoted to be a doctoral candidate supervisor at 2000.

His research area includes Electrohydraulic Servo System, Dynamics and control of Parallel Manipulator, System Integrated Design Technique and control theoretical and application.

He has taken charge of more than 50 projects and published more than 300 Papers.

Kalevi Huhtala "Automation and economy of working machines"


Professor Kalevi Huhtala is currently Head of Department of Intelligent Hydraulics and automation in Tampere University of technology.  Department has seven professors and total staff of 60. He graduated from Tampere University of technology in 1996. Title of his doctor thesis is “Modelling of Hydrostatic Transmission - Steady-State, Linear and Non-Linear Models”. The nomination of professorship took place in 2003. The research field of the professorship is hydraulics in mobile machines.

His main research interests are intelligent mobile machines and diesel engine hydraulics. He has supervised 7 doctoral theses and over 80 master theses. He has over 150 scientific publications and four patents. He has been member of scientific program or advisor committees of conferences in Dresden, Linz, Tampere, Aachen and Hangzhou.

He is member of boards of Centre of excellence GIM (Generic Intelligent Machines 2008-2013), Program Steering Group of EFFIMA (Energy and life cycle cost efficient machine) program of SHOK (Strategic centres for science, technology and innovation) Company FIMECC (Finnish Metals and Engineering Competence Cluster) Ltd, Program Steering Group of FCEP program of SHOK Company CLEEN (Cluster for  Energy and Environment) Ltd, Intelligent Solutions Steering Group and RD council of SHOK Company FIMECC Ltd and also member of Scientific advisory board for defense (Ministry of defence, Conveying technique division) 2010-2012.

 LEE Shun Kin


   Bosch Rexroth China

Mr. Shun Kin LEE resumed his position as Director of Didactics division in Bosch Rexroth China from 2013 and responsible for Educational / Government project sales and marketing among China as well as managing training center of all Rexroth technologies within organization.

Mr. Lee joined Rexroth from 1992. Previous experience with leading a team consisted of in/out door sales, product development and application support division for sales and marketing function. More than 20 years for industry covers sector of Automotive, Railway, Marine, Mobile and construction, Laboratory testing equipment, Rubber and Tires, Factory automation, Plastics industry, Food process, Packaging, Printing and Textile.

Since 2015, he has been appointed as speaker for Bosch Rexroth of promotion regarding Industry 4.0.

Mr. LEE graduated from Bradford University in UK and holding a Master degree in Business Administration (MBA).

Nikolay A. Taranukha "Usage of module-element mehtod in problems of hydroelasticity for composite systems ship-liquid”"


Professor Nikolay A. Taranukha is Head of the Shipbuilding Department at Komsomolsk-na-Amure State Technical University, Russia. He was honored the Full-Doctor of Technical Sciences in 1991 and became a Professor in 1992. He is the Academician of International Academy of Engineering (Russia), Honoured Higher Education Worker of the Russian Federation, Member of International Council of Engineers and Scientists in the field of boundary elements (UK) and Member of International Society of Offshore and Polar Engineers (USA). He worked as an assistant-professor and scientific-research worker at Rostock State University in Germany from 1986 to1987 and as a full-professor at Gyeongsang National University in Republic of Korea in 1997-1998.

His research interests includes: naval architecture: strength, hydrodynamics and designing of ships; mechanics of deformable solid body;   numerical methods of continuum mechanics; mathematical modeling of technical physics tasks. He authorized 260 scientific and methodic works, among them 10 monographs, 6 text-books, above 40 works published abroad, in international editions and in journals of Russia Academy of Sciences.

        Stanislav Semenov "Mathematical modeling of electro-hydraulic actuating systems of machines with kinematic tree structure"

Professor Stanislav Semenov is Head of Department of Fluid Mechanics, Hydraulic Machines and Hydraulic and Pneumatic Control Systems at Bauman Moscow State Technical University named after N.E. Bauman, Russia. Chairman of the educational-methodical commission on a specialty "Hydraulic machines, hydraulic drives and hydraulic and pneumatic control systems" ofeducational and methodical association of universities. Teaches courses "Electrics", "Mechatronics" and "Hydraulicdrives" for students of the department,developed appropriate training programs. Led the development of a number of vane pumps, hydraulic vehicles, mechatronics and robotics. The area of ​​scientific interests include electrohydraulic actuators of walking robots. The author of 26 journal articles, 3 monographs, 11-patents.

Toshiharu Kagawa "Energy consideration and saving technology in pneumatic systems"

Professor Toshiharu Kagawa is Head of Precision and Intelligence Laboratory Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan. He serves as the chief of the Japan Fluid Power System Society and the leader of Japan Society for Simulation from 1996. He is the member of Instrument and Control Engineers and the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers, Nation advisory board member of CEEFP Project. He has been rewarded the Scholarly Paper Award many times by Transactions of the Japan Hydraulics & Pneumatics Society, Paper Award by The Society of Instrument and Control Engineers, “Hasunuma Award” and published a large number of research articles in many reputed international journals.

His main research interests include: System Analysis of Large Scale Gas Transmission Line; Measurement and Control of Compressible Fluids; Application of Pneumatics for Vehicle Systems; Analysis and Development of Pneumatic High Speed Systems; Development of Super-silent Air Reducing Valve; Energy Saving using Air Power Meter.

Victor J. De Negri Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems for Hydroelectric and Wind Power Plants"

Professor Victor J. De Negri is Head of Laboratory of Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems – LASHIP at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Federal University of Santa Catarina, Florianópolis, Brazil since 1995. He received his Mechanical Engineering degree in 1983, from UNISINOS, Brazil, M. Eng. degree in 1987 and D. Eng. degree in 1996, both from UFSC, Brazil. In 2010 he took a 7 month sabbatical at the PTMC, University of Bath, UK. From 2012 to 2014 he was the Head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering. He is member of ASME (USA), FPNI, ABCM (Brazil), official representative of LASHIP at the NFPA (USA), and Associate Editor of the International Journal of Fluid Power. His research areas include analysis and design of hydraulic and pneumatic systems and components and design methodology for automation and control systems. He has coordinated more than 20 projects with industry and governmental agencies in the areas of hydroelectric

and wind power, mobile and industrial hydraulics, and pneumatic systems. Professor De Negri has supervised 34 Master’s and 13 Doctorate Thesis. He edited 3 books, has 2 patents, and over than 100 conference and journal papers.

Xiangdong Kong

Professor Xiangdong Kong, Ph.D., Doctorial Advisor, Vice President of Yanshan University. He graduated from Zheji, ang University and has been a senior visiting scholar at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. His research addresses a wide range of issues within hydro-mechatronics, including electro-hydraulic servo control sy, stem, fluid power transmission and , control for heavy machinery, high performance hydraulic components, vibration control on hydraulic system, etc. Professor Kong has won many national, provincial and ministerial honorary titles and awards in teaching, academic and research.Professor Kong currently holds the following titles and positions:Board Member, Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society (CMES);Executive Vice Director,Fluid Power Transmission and Contr, ol Subcommittee of Chinese MechanicalEngineering Society;Board Member, Fluid Power Transmission and Control Subcommittee of Chinese Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics;President, Hebei Province Mechanical Engineering Society;Board Member and Dep, uty Director of The Committee of Experts, China Hydraulic Pneumatics and Seals Industry Association;Board Member, Lubrication and Hydraulic Component Subcommittee of China Heavy Machinery Industry Association.

The research group has finished more than 40 research projects, including 9 national projects and 8 provincial-ministerial projects and is currently conducting more than 20 research projects, including 9 national projects.The research group has obtained awards and 14 patents, published 5 textbooks and monographs, and published over 180 academic papers, among which over 80 papers have been adopted by SCI, EI or ISTP.

Zongxia Jiao

Professor Zo, ngxia Jiao, Changjiang scholars professor, National distinguished young scholar. He got Ph.D degree on Mechanical Engineering in Zhejiang , University 1991. He was the guest professor of Institute for Aircraft System Engineering, Technische Universität Hamburg-Harburg, Germany in 2000. Now does research and education work on the mechatronics, fluid power and simulation technology in Beihang University. He is Chief member of Mechatronic Control Division of Chinese Aeronautics Society, and associate Chief Member of Chinese Society of Fluid Power Transmission and Control, and director of Science and Technology on Aircraft Control Laboratory.  He has got a great of financial aid from National 973, National 863, CNSF etc. Up to now, has published more than 200 papers on journals and conferencesmore than 20 patents are authorized, and 2 national science and technology prizes are awarded.